The Ohio State University

ENTMLGY 6702 Entomological Techniques and Data Analysis (with Dr. Kayla Perry; Fall semesters; 2 credits)

Students will be introduced to the design and analysis of simple experiments and studies frequently used in Entomology. This hands-on course will cover analysis of data generated from commonly-used entomological techniques and observational approaches. Throughout, students will use and analyze data using statistical and version control software programs commonly used in the scientific community (i.e., Excel, R, RStudio, Git, and GitHub)

Mississippi State University

EPP 8273 Empirical Research in Theory and Practice (Spring semesters; 3 credits)

Three hours lecture. Introduction to the nature, process, and societal role of research; scientific method, experimental design, proposal writing, publishing, and ethics. Course emphasizes the intuitive understanding and practical application of quantitative analyses, including written, visual, and oral presentation of methods and results.

EPP 4143/6143 Insect Ecology (Fall semesters; 3 credits)

Three hours lecture. Introduction to the interaction of insects with their environment, including behavioral ecology, abiotic influences, population dynamics, intra- and inter-specific interactions, and the effects of insects on ecosystem structure and function.

Directed Individual Study (DIS) courses 

EPP 7000 DIS: Topics in Quantitative Analysis of Biological Invasions

Directed study on the theory and characteristics of biological invasions. Includes an introduction to coding and analysis with R statistical software on pest interception data at ports of entry. 

EPP 7000 DIS: Biological statistics in R

Introduction to coding and using R for statistical analyses. Analysis of data documenting the behavior of small hive beetle.