Sam Ward, Assistant Professor of Insect Ecology

Ph.D. in Entomology (Minor: Biostatistics), University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesM.S. in Entomology, University of Minnesota, Twin CitiesB.S. in Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity, University of California, Davis

Sam's research and teaching are centered around the ecology and management of native and non-native insects. Aside from work, Sam enjoys spending time with his wife (Becca), their sons (Owen and Callum), running, playing soccer, and hiking with the family dogs (Ani and Lulu).

Ward CV - Feb 2021

Kristy McAndrew, PhD student

M.S. in Entomology, Mississippi State UniversityB.S. in Forestry, University of Missouri, ColumbiaB.S. in Fisheries & Wildlife, University of Missouri, Columbia

Kristy is currently pursuing her PhD studying the baldcypress leafroller, a little studied pest of bald cypress trees in a small region of the southeastern US. She is working towards better defining the range and suitable host species for this native pest. When she’s not working Kristy enjoys hiking with her dog (Waylon), gardening, playing video games and reading.

Afsoon Sabet, PhD student

Co-advised with Dr. Jerome GoddardB.S. in Molecular Biology, West Virginia UniversityB.A. in Music, West Virginia UniversityM.S. in Entomology, Mississippi State University

Afsoon is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Entomology, and is investigating hard tick ecology and behavior, with a focus on tick questing. She is broadly interested in vector-borne diseases and public health. In her spare time, Afsoon enjoys reading and spending time outdoors.

Erika Wright, MS student

B.S. in Environmental Resources Management and Urban Forestry (Minor: Forestry), Virginia Tech University

Erika is pursuing a Masters degree in Entomology focusing on the dispersal of crape myrtle bark scale throughout the urban environment. With a background in urban forestry, she is interested in understanding urban ecology through the lens of entomology. Outside of research, Erika enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, hiking, and reading.

Thomas Paul, MS student

Co-advised with Dr. Angus CatchotB.S. in Biology (Minor: Chemistry), Valparaiso University

Tom is working towards a Masters degree in Entomology, focusing on the redbanded stink bug, a pest of soybeans, and efforts to predict potential infestations and population movement. Outside of entomology and learning about critters, Tom plays his fair share of video games, spends time playing cello, and loves to hike and ID wildflowers along the way.